New Dip Tank & Combo Kits

February 15, 2019 | Posted by Lexie Bragg

Dip tanks are designed to make the reclaiming of multiple screens faster, easier, and more cost-efficient.  A dip tank is a plastic container which holds a mixture of cleaning chemicals that will help soften emulsion and ink, making removal with a pressurized hose in a washout booth easier and faster.  Using a dip tank in the reclamation process is simple; begin by carding, or removing, the majority of your ink from your screen.  Then once you have mixed your chemicals, submerge the screen in the dip tank for 1-5 minutes -- we recommend a test to determine dwell time for your emulsion -- remove the screen and rinse the ink and emulsion away in a washout booth, then repeat using the same dip tank solution.   The best part of a dip tank is that as you rinse out your first set of screens, you can place another round of screens in the tank to soak and soften.
As you can reuse your cleaning chemicals, cleaning screens can cost only pennies per screen.  Use the before mentioned process of soaking multiple screens as you clean can cut down on your overall effort, and the amount of time needed to clean each screen.  Saving on both time and money makes dip tanks a cost-efficient way to reclaim your screens.  

Dip tanks come in a variety of sizes, able to clean 2-5 screens at a time.  However, it is the capacity of your washout booth that should determine how many screens you should soak at one time.  Leaving screens in for too long can overwork the chemicals, leading to a shortened life span for your dip tank mixture and more expense.  If your washout booth can accommodate only one or two screens, a smaller dip tank should be all you need.  

At Franmar, we have made cleaning with dip tanks even easier with our dip tank packages, allowing you to buy everything you need to clean your screens in one simple step.  Ink + Emulsion Remover was designed specifically for dip tanks and works by softening both ink and emulsion at the same time in only 3-5 minutes.  Ink + Emulsion remover is concentrated (Dilute in dip tank 6:1 (6 parts water, 1 part concentrate)), lasts up to 6 months, and our 2.5 gallon Ink + Emulsion Remover cleans 300-600 screens depending on tank size and number of screens used.  Our new 1 Gallon Ink + Emulsion Remover can be added to help “recharge” your old mixture before needing to be entirely replaced.  When you’re ready to replace your solution, mix in the provided neutralizer powder, which neutralizes the remnants and makes for safe disposal.  

Like all our products, Ink + Emulsion Remover is low odor, non-caustic and biodegradable, making it perfect to reclaim wood, aluminum or roller frame screens, as well as safer for your workers and the environment.

Franmar offers reclaimation chemicals, dip tanks, and combo and deluxe dip tank kits, which include dip tank and Ink + Emulsion Remover, or Dip Tank and Ink + Emulsion Remover with Haze Remover, Screen Degreaser, On Press Ink Remover and biggee Pads.