About Franmar


Story of Invention and Innovation


  More than anything else, Frank Sliney is a problem solver. From his early introduction to the screen Printing industry at trade shows, and in the normal course of building a business, Frank realized that the existing chemistry used by screen printers was not only unhealthy and unsafe, it was not good for our environment. 

  Frank's awareness of soy's ability to replace the highly toxic and expensive petrochemicals used by screen printers gave him the vision of providing a safer, more economical workplace. With the assistance and support of his wife, Marilyn, the couple started down a path of chemistry and innovation, seeking natural products that could do the job safely and affordably. The implementation of their vision proved that safe cleaning with natural products was possible and their actions have helped fuel a change - for the better - to cleaning techniques and philosophies throughout the world.

  The first soy based product Frank formulated, BEAN-e-doo®, replaced the use of mineral spirits, xylene, toluene, even gasoline, in screen printing cleaning operations. As all screen printers will tell you, it was an amazing innovation. BEAN-e-doo® was born! And from that exciting first innovation, product after product, supporting industry after industry, has emerged. Throughout all of the innovations, all of the research and development, Frank and Marilyn have guided Franmar's growth with this simple principle: provide an efficient product that is economical to purchase, and safe to use. Today, many call this "Green." At Franmar we refer to it as doing the right thing!


Frank and Marilyn Sliney


"Thank you for taking the time to learn about our rich history. We remain committed to the creation of effective, economical, and safe products and look forward to the future of continued innovation." 


– Frank & Marilyn Sliney


  Franmar has now gained worldwide acclaim for its effective, economical, and safe product lines all developed to benefit workers and their environment. Owners Frank and Marilyn are still very involved in the company. They work closely with their executive team to keep the deep-rooted values of hard work and service excellence as a company priority.
United Soybean Board
  Throughout its 30+ year history, Franmar has worked closely with the United Soybean Board, even occasionally receiving some USB research and development funds. Farmers participate in the USB soybean checkoff, whereby they collectively invest a portion of their profits to fund soy research and promotion. With assistance from USB checkoff funds for R&D, combined with Franmar's own R&D and marketing funds, Franmar has very successfully increased the market for products made from soy oil.