Screen Reclaiming

September 12, 2017 | Posted by Franmar

Here at Franmar, we love screenprinters. No matter how big or small the shop is, we get excited helping screenprinters discover the safe and cost effective ways to clean and reclaim screens. Helping a screen printer’s business grow is part of our passion. From the small business inside the garage, to moving into a shop and hiring more employees, things can get busy quick in the screenprinting world and cleaning screens can be time consuming.


That’s why we invented Ink + Emulsion Remover (previously known as One Step Clear), the biodegradable and cost effective dip-tank solution. Mixed at a 6:1 ratio, Ink + Emulsion Remover is tough and speedy when it comes to cleaning inks and emulsions from screens. Normal soak time is a mere 5 minutes in the solution and you’re ready to wash out. During that 5 minutes in the tank, our screen printers answer phones, cure shirts, and anything else that may come up while Ink + Emulsion Remover does the cleaning for them. It’s like having an extra employee in the shop. Ink + Emulsion Remover also has exceptional longevity; cleaning upwards of 600 screens per 5 gallon pail. That amounts to pennies per screen and a fraction of the time. Another great feature of our Ink + Emulsion Remover is the odor, because there isn’t any! If your shop is getting busier and you need an extra hand, Ink + Emulsion Remover is here to help reduce time, money, and keep things rolling smoothly. Ink + Emulsion Remover is also available in 2.5 gallon quantities for smaller dip tanks.