Haze Remover ES

September 12, 2017 | Posted by Franmar

You wanted to save the screen for future orders, but had to reclaim it because haze build-up was affecting the print image. Now you can save it!Franmar is pleased to introduce the first ever haze remover that is safe for dual cure emulsions, Haze Remover ES. This patent pending revolutionary product  was designed for printers that catalog screens for future printing after the initial run. Screens that are used for multiple runs or over the course of several months build up a haze that isn’t removed by just cleaning the ink out of the screen. Traditional haze removers will degrade the registration of the image area, cause pinholes and other image issues as well as locking the emulsion into the screen. Haze Remover ES is the first haze remover that can be used while the emulsion is still on the screen without degrading the image or the emulsion.


For screens that are to be cataloged, simply clean the ink from the screen with a cleaner like Franmar’s Plastisol Ink Remover. Once the ink is removed, spray a small amount of Haze Remover ES on the image area and scrub using a Biggee Pad dedicated< to Haze removal and rinse. The screen will be returned to like new ready for the next run. Screens with dehazed registration marks are easier to set up on the press the next time they are used.


Just like all Franmar products, Haze Remover ES is safe for you and your shop because it contains no harmful caustic chemicals.