IT Tech Support Generalist, Part Time, Bloomington, IL

IT Tech Support Assistant

The IT Tech Support Assistant will help the IT Tech Support Team Lead to oversee and maintain information technology used at Franmar, including our computer network, server, firewall, VOIP system, and Shopify stores, etc. Will conceive of creative and cost-effective solutions to problems.  Analyze infrastructure for ways to increase security, productivity, and efficiency. Monitor and repair equipment, when possible. Work and help negotiate with contracted outside vendors on maintenance agreements. Recommend and purchase new equipment.  Set priorities and initiate needed projects.

Part-time, possibly leading to full-time, flexible hours, Mon thru Fri, daytimes


Immediate Opening:

IT Tech Support Assistant

  • A person with good technical ability who is able to learn technical skills quickly

  • Support network of mainly Macs and their peripherals

  • Support of other technologies, such as iPads, A/V, limited support for VOIP, etc. 

  • Help with purchasing decisions for computers, software, and various other tech equipment

  • Interested in learning Web site support

  • Some college background desirable

  • Some tech experience desirable

  • Network support experience a plus

  • Experience with build/repair of own computers/peripherals desirable

  • Familiarity with HTML, Web development a plus

  • Graphic arts experience a plus

  • Interested in learning development (especially Filemaker Pro)

  • Required: self-started with good initiative, solid team player


The IT Tech Support Assistant will be on a first name basis with Franmar management and owners, will participate daily in decisions, will initiate, get approval for, and complete high visibility projects with new technologies, will readily see visible results from their efforts, and will play an important part in our progress and our success.  They will have the ability to be considered for other tasks and larger roles, even outside IT. They will be an integral part of our growth, as we provide safer, greener, cost effective “solutions” to workers across the US and around the world.  Initially part time, with evolving job tasks and responsibilities, they eventually could be considered for full time work.

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