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Warehouse Production Team Member


Franmar, Inc. is a 35 year old, family owned manufacturer of specialty products for industrial, commercial, and retail markets. Our focus is primarily on safe, green solvent alternatives for various industrial and construction/remodeling purposes.  We are currently looking for a full time member for our warehouse production team. The new employee will be on a first name basis with management and owners, and will be an integral part of our growth, as we provide safer, greener, cost effective “solutions” to workers across the US and around the world.


  • Help to blend and package our various products

  • Assist our LTL and UPS dock with shipping as needed

  • Assist with building and grounds maintenance

  • Help to maintain a safe and friendly work environment

  • Ability to rise to the occasion and help with other needs as they arise

  • Working hours: Mon through Fri, daytime


Apply below.


Equal Opportunity Employer




Franmar is often looking for talented, hard-working team players to fill the following functions, some full time and some part time, in Bloomington, IL 61701. Apply Below!


  • Sales and Sales Management

  • Customer Service Team

  • Warehouse Production Team

  • Computer Tech Support

  • Marketing/Graphic Arts Team

  • Promotional Writing

  • Accounts Payable and Financial Records

  • Trade Show Demonstrations Team

  • Management Staff Assistant/Management Team


We are a small but fast-growing company with very innovative products.  We offer a competitive compensation and benefits package, and working hours are usually Mon. through Fri., daytimes. Our employees are on a first-name basis with management and owners.

At Franmar, talented individuals can see results from their efforts and can be compensated accordingly. And we offer the satisfaction of contributing to a company that is known internationally for its contributions to worker safety and environmental protection. Whether you are looking for a career or a part time job, Franmar may have an employment opening to suit you.

Equal Opportunity Employer


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    Thanks for applying with Franmar . . . a great place to work!