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New Dip Tank & Combo Kits
February 15, 2019 | Posted by Lexie Bragg

Dip tanks are designed to make the reclaiming of multiple screens faster, easier, and more cost-efficient. A dip tank is a plastic container which holds a mixture of cleaning chemicals that will help soften emulsion and ink, making removal with a pressurized hose in a washout booth easier and faster. Using a dip tank in the reclamation process is simple; begin by carding, or removing, the majority of your ink …

Shop Feature: Meltdown Creative Works
April 19, 2018 | Posted by Lexie Bragg

Here at Franmar, our customers and the work they do are very important to us. As a special thank you to our valued clients, we wanted to take the time to see the fantastic projects that Franmar is helping them create. We are starting with Meltdown Creative Works, located in Bloomington Illinois. Visiting their shop gave us the opportunity to see the printers in action and learn more about …