Reduce Reuse Recycle

September 11, 2017 | Posted by Franmar

Being in charge of marketing here at Franmar, there are a lot of magazines that come across my desk each week. I can now attest that if your business is renting chickens (rent chickens here, an interesting idea, right?) there is probably a magazine dedicated to it. And since we have a broad range of products in various industries, though nothing dedicated to backyard chicken husbandry, yet..., I've got a lot to read through.


So I peruse most of the magazines looking at advertising, finding market trends, and trying to keep up to date on recent developments within each industry. I did pay close attention to the cover of this month's Paint & Decorating Retailer magazine since it focuses on green products in the marketplace. PDRA March 2016


Of course this becomes interesting because Franmar in fully invested into creating environmentally safe and effective products. Every product from Franmar either from our screen printing line of products or our BLUE BEAR line of solutions for professional and DIY builders and remodelers, is fully biodegradable with no bio-accumulation hazards.


The key component of many of our products is made from sustainable crops of soybeans. We source our raw materials from soy ester producers that only use North American soybeans. We've also been ahead of the curve with regard to VOC levels of our products, meeting or exceeding regulations. One of our most popular products, BLUE BEAR Mastic & Adhesive Remover (AKA BLUE BEAR 500MR) qualifies for LEED V4 purchasing requirements for renovation and building certification.


During our recent rebrand and repackaging of our products, on the forefront of those decisions were the three R's...Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. What that meant for us was looking at our packaging design and finding innovative ways to reduce the amount of packaging we sent out and making it easier for customers to reuse and refill products. The best example of this is seen in our screen printing cubitainers.


Instead of buying multiple quart bottles and sprayers, screen printers often refill the bottles from larger bottles. With our new cubitainer design, we have limited the amount of plastic needed for the bottle all while making it easier to refill the smaller quart bottles. For us it is important that not only is the product as responsible choice but also the packaging.


As the article says, it isn't necessarily easy being green but when you're committed to making sustainable choices it just becomes part what you do.