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What is a Prop 65 warning and why is it on the label?
February 28, 2019 | Posted by Scott Sarver

We’ve all seen the warning on the label of something that we have purchased. WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm. Sometimes this warning shows up in places where you would least expect to see it. Maybe you’ve seen it on a cup of coffee you pick up from your favorite coffee shop, or the new guitar pedal you just picked up, or maybe even as you’ve walked into Disney...yep, the …

Restoring Built In Buffet With BLUE BEAR Paint & Urethane Stripper
February 5, 2018 | Posted by Scott Sarver

Several weeks ago, we shared a story about the restoration of a staircase and fireplace in a historic craftsman home in Fresno, California. The Hicks didn't waste much time in moving on to their next project and started on the built-in buffet next. Over the holidays they were able to restore and stain this beautiful piece to an original state. From Laura: After we completed the stairway, we stood in …