Brush Cleaner Interview

September 12, 2017 | Posted by Franmar

Here at Franmar, we love seeing our products work on a personal level. Recently we met up with Jeff Mueller of Mueller Remodeling and Painting in Bloomington, IL to see how Brush & Sprayer Cleaner would work with his business.  Like most contractors, Jeff had an abundance of brushes that were dried out and covered in paint and therefore,unusable. We asked Jeff if we could give Brush & Sprayer Cleaner a try on them and then interview him.This is what happened:


Franmar:  About how much do you typically spend on a brush?

Jeff: Anywhere from $15 to $30 dollars sometimes.


Franmar: How do you usually clean your brushes?

Jeff: For the most part, I put plastic bags around my brushes after the end of a work day and try to get to them with a scrubber and hot water before they dry out.


Franmar: Would you say you’ve lost a lot of money in dried brushes?

Jeff:  I try and keep up with it but sometimes, you just get busy and forget,then you have to throw away a brush.


Franmar:  After using Brush & Sprayer Cleaner, what are your thoughts?

Jeff: Brush &  Sprayer Cleaner is amazing. I couldn’t believe that leaving my dried brushes in the solution would bring them back to life. It was really easy to just plop them in the pail and leave them alone. I was also pleased to find out I could keep reusing the Brush & Sprayer Cleaner solution. This is going to save me a lot of headaches and money.


Franmar:  About how much did that brush cost that Brush & Sprayer Cleaner just save?

Jeff: At least $20. I’ve also used it to clean about 5 other brushes. When the quart only cost the same amount as one brush, it’s a great deal.


  Thanks for taking the time to try Brush & Sprayer Cleaner, Jeff. We hope you continue to use the product and most importantly tell your colleagues.