A soy-based product made by Franmar will help make long-haul trucks safer.

July 7, 2021 | Posted by Karen Apfelbaum

Franmar’s BLUE BEAR® Soy Gel 600GL Coatings Remover is playing a pivotal role in a recent recall by Navistar, Inc. The recall includes more than 33,000 2018-2021 International Lonestar and 2017-2021 International LT Series trucks in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Navistar recalled the trucks this spring after problems were found with a battery ground cable that may break at its connection point, leading to a loss of electrical power and unexpected engine shutdown, according to company documents filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Its design may be inadequate for the “stresses of certain vehicle configuration and applications,” according to the NHTSA documents.

As part of the recall, the company is replacing the battery cable with a longer, more flexible cable design. In tandem with that, the battery’s metal connectors must be cleaned before the parts can be replaced and resealed. The process cannot be done mechanically because the risk of damage is too great, so Soy Gel 600GL is being used.

Soy Gel 600GL is made with 100% American-grown soybeans. The gel formula clings to vertical surfaces, encapsulates coatings and migrates through multiple layers.

“We are gratified that Soy Gel 600GL is playing such a vital role in the recall. Soy Gel is known for its powerful removal properties, while also being safer and easy to use,” said Franmar Vice President Dan Brown. “During our nation’s recovery from the COVID-19 virus, we are proud to be doing a small part to help keep the trucking industry on the road.”

Navistar dealerships can order the products through the Navistar Tools Catalog, while individual owners and fleets can visit to locate a dealer or place an order.

For 35 years, Franmar has been synonymous with green innovation. The family-owned business based in Bloomington, Illinois believes that people should be able to undertake cleaning and restoration projects without risking their health or harming the environment. Franmar products rely on the power of soybeans rather than harsh chemicals like methylene chloride, muriatic acid and trisodium phosphate (TSP). Soy-based solvents are an affordable, superior alternative because they can easily penetrate coatings, adhesives, grease, asphalt and more, without noxious odors or side effects. Franmar’s innovations include nearly two dozen products that are part of the BLUE BEAR retail and industrial lines, as well as a full range of screen-printing products.