COVID Can't Keep Us Down!

October 27, 2020 | Posted by Dan Brown, General Manager

Before coming to Franmar 20 years ago, I served a 21-year stint in the U.S. Air Force and also 12 years pastoring a church.  Yes, I’m an old guy, and like the fellow from that TV insurance ad “I’ve seen a lot!”  But I’ve never seen anything like what we’re living in now.


The whole world is in the grips of this COVID-19 pandemic, and every person on the planet has had their lives disrupted in ways we never imagined when we celebrated the arrival of a new decade just 10 months ago.  


In almost every conversation I enter, I am mindful of those families whose lives have been turned upside down by death, or illness, or loss of work.  I’m also mindful of the talented and dedicated work going on to put an end to the devastation of this pandemic.  


Some of that work involves making sure that there are adequate supplies of hand sanitizers and sanitizing wipes.  Other work involves making sure there are enough gloves, masks, and equipment to support medical providers who care for us.  Still, other work involves making vials that will hold the vaccine that will protect us.  Who would have thought these activities would impact the production of Franmar’s cleaning products, paint strippers, adhesive removers, ink removers, and other great products?


But the plastic resins used to make Franmar’s bottles and lids and sprayers are the same resin used to make the bottles and lids that hold hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes.  It’s the same resin used to make squirt tops for hand sanitizer and sprayers for disinfecting sprays.  The gelling agent used to make hand sanitizers into gel form is the same gelling agent used to make Franmar’s gelled, soy paint strippers.  For nearly 4 decades Franmar has proudly used safe components for its products.  These days many of those same components are now being diverted to products that are helping us combat COVID-19.


At Franmar we remain committed to providing the highest quality service possible.  Helping others is part of that service.  We’ve all heard the statement, “We’re in this together.”  At Franmar we believe it.  Even if it means it takes a little longer to get our products to you.  When you get it, it will still be the same great product you expected, and in an indirect way, your patience will have helped fight COVID-19. Thank you!