Concrete Sealer Removal

September 12, 2017 | Posted by Franmar

I have a friend who had a concrete patio poured about a year ago and has never been satisfied with how the sealer was applied to his new patio. He's ended up with milky spots along with bubbles and a generally uneven finish on the concrete. The sub-contractor that did the work was less than helpful to resolve the problem and my friend has been stuck with the issue. I told him that BLUE BEAR Paint and Urethane Stripper is the perfect product for removing the old sealer and putting a new one down.


There are a couple of different ways to remove sealer from concrete. You can remove the sealer mechanically, using a grinder or a sandblaster to remove the old sealer or chemically with stripping agents. There are some challenges that one faces if they mechanically remove the old sealer. With grinding or sandblasting you run the risk of re-profiling the surface of the concrete (this is especially challenging with stamped concrete) plus you will need to rent the equipment, purchase the media and deal with a lot of concrete dust and sand before you can refinish. Probably not the best choice for a DIY-er.


With chemicals, you let the product do the work for you. As with any paint stripper, there area a variety of products on the market. And a lot of those products contain ingredients that are pretty nasty. This is where BLUE BEAR Products shine. BLUE BEAR Paint and Urethane Stripper is made with soy so it is safer for you but is even more effective than other options.


BLUE BEAR Paint & Urethane Stripper can be applied directly to the concrete and will go to work breaking down  and through the sealer, so you can simply use a stiff bristle broom to move the softened sealer off the concrete and scoop it up. Clean up is easy with BLUE BEAR Cleaner & Degreaser and leaves you with a surface ready for the new sealer.


We'll tackle my friends patio when it gets a little warmer and show photos of the project in process but in the mean time, here is a customer review we recently received. “Just wanted to send a note that your product works fantastic. I live in South Florida, and like many of us down here, had a botched sealer job on patio pavers. Turned milky white and was told that they would have to be sandblasted to remove sealer. I researched and found a chemical based stripper that worked well, but god help if you get a drop on your skin. I used that to strip 1/2 the pavers but ran out of product. Again went to the internet and found your soy based stripper that just sounded a lot less harmful to myself and the environment... It worked great! It did need a second coat to remove all the sealer, but was so easy to use that wasn't a problem...Thanks again!!”